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Three Types Of Car Accessories To Use

Most cars come with basic necessities, you can later equip them with various accessories as per your needs and wish. Car accessories are additional features which
enhance the look, performance and safety of a car. It makes your driving experience better and more comfortable. There are hundreds of accessories which you can use in your car, some of them are necessary while others are just add-ons. We can roughly divide these accessories into three categories as follows.

Safety Accessories - For any user safety is the first priority. Although many cars come with inbuilt safety measures, especially luxury ones yet the innovativeness of
today's car thieves can not be undermined. Here's where the safety accessories play a vital role in keeping your car secure. Don’t limit your car with just  Seatbelt
and Airbag, install Anti-lock braking System (ABS), Electronic stability control, Traction control, etc. These new features will not only keep your car safe on the
road but also deter thieves.

Style Accessories - Even if you don’t have a luxury car, you can make your normal looking car stylish and stunning. There are numbers of accessories to beautify your car such as seat covers, car cover, mats, air fresheners, stickers and more. The quality of accessories differs as per the brand and cost. You should not go for cheap products as they are not very comfortable and lose quality after extensive use.

Entertainment Accessories - Entertainment is a vital part of our lives, we all need it. If you spend long hours behind the steering wheels every day, this is a must have for you. It will make your commuting enjoyable. There are many in car entertainment accessories such as audio players, videos, etc. There are many other options too, but it depends on the compatibility of your car.

To conclude accessories are necessary for the safety and protection of your car. There are few basic accessories which are a must, further you can increase the list as per your wish. Just as various mobile applications make your phone equivalent to a computer various accessories enhance the safety, look and performance of your car making it more enjoyable and pleasant. Many accessories would not fit in your car if it is quite old, in this case, either your can sell it off and get pre-owned luxury car or just  use the basic features.